Major League of Gaming

Once on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, they did a bit about how if we really wanted to take on the terrorist organizations of the world we should be dumping twinkees, ho-hos, and donut holes.  We should open up McDonald’s and give the food away.  By the time the terrorists realize what happened they will be too fat to move.  Well a similar thought that comes to mind when we consider a group of geeks got together to form the Major League Gaming assocation and had the nerve to stylize their logo after the likes of the NBA, MLB,

and even NASCAR.  Implying that some level of professionalism and athletic skill comes into play when you sit your fat butt into one of those rocker chairs and play for hours on end.  Now maybe the exercise comes from those of you like me that when you play you try and guide the playing by jerking the controller around and continuously moving your body into different positions like you have restless leg syndrome.

In all, it’s just kind of silly, but then again I’ve considered joining an association that supports driving without your shoes on.  Oh well.


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