Rolling Stupid

The initial inspiration for this blog was when I saw an add for the “Rolling Razor” on facebook.  At first, i thought that this was a joke, and that someone was trying to make a quick buck off of some poor sucker.  In truth, this is an actual product that comes in many shades/skins and accessories to boot.

The Product: I don’t know about you but I’ve been looking for a finger mounted shaver.  Seriously, for those moment when I sleep on my arm all night long and my hand falls asleep with no feeling in my fingers.  I really need something that I can slip it on my finger so that I can numbly scrape at the scruff on my face.  Also, I hope I’m not the only one that lacks the ability to turn the razor handle in my hand to get the other side of my face while shaving.  The razor comes with dual heads just in case.  And in case you find yourself in wartime shaving, you want to be sure that your razor doesn’t give up your position.  They provide camo skins for the razor for forest, desert, and night camo-required situations.

Use: Scanning the website, I found myself fortunate to come upon a FAQ section for the rolling razor.  See shaving is a difficult task with this marvel of modern science that it requires an in depth explanation of how to use the product.  Apparently, it’s a whole lot like normal shaving.  However, it’s comforting to know both men and women can use the same blades, but they do have a his and hers section.  Also, lucky for all of us, we aren’t limited as far as use.  At the recommendation of the marketing director for the Rolling Razor, you can use it on your face, head, and body.  I doubt any other razor can promise that.

Roundup: Honestly, the last thing the world needs is another razor blade and handle.  Gilette and Schick have the market cornered, and though I’m anxiously awaiting the Platinum Mach 14, do we really need more razor blades?  At some point we’re just getting stupid with the whole shaving market.  This thing looks like it should come out of a cracker jack or cereal box.  The best part is they’ve got a whole line of shaving accessories just for the rolling razor.  Be comforted in knowing that you’ve got plenty of marketers at work, ready and willing to sell you crap, with specialized crap bags to put it in.


3 responses to “Rolling Stupid

  1. David Taverna

    Before you are talking so much use the rolling razor first, I am suffering from irritation on my face for many years and every razor that Gillette and Schick came out with more blades made it worse.
    I got the rolling razor with the sensitive skin blades and I love it no irritation because of the rounded cartridge blade and better control, it a more natural way to shave als0 the eucalyptus shaving cream is great and does make the difference vs. the foam and gels with the chemicals out their, I am sure you did not try this because if you did you would not write this blog!


  2. Hope you enjoy the response.

  3. I don’t think Mr. Taverna works for the company because no self respecting business would hire a person who misuses the word “their” and uses other incorrect grammar.

    Actually, whoever came up with this amazing (ha) razor just might be stupid enough to give this guy a job, but who knows?

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