Razor Burn

Recently I got a comment on a previous post regarding the Rolling Razor, seems a Mr. Taverna had something to say about my trashing the Rolling Razor. First, let me point out that our friend Mr. Taverna is well, likely an employee of the company associated with the marketing or vending of the Rolling Razor. I do internet marketing for a living and make it my business to study the search habits of the average user. Let’s break it down like a fraction:

  • The Blog was just released in the last two days and its links have been made available in a limited number of places that only personal friends of mine and Terrell’s.
  • Second, the rolling razor is such a little known accessory that few if anyone will be searching on it. If they are searching it, they’re looking for information to validate a purchase.
  • So, if Mr. Taverna owns this marvel of science, he wouldn’t really be searching on the rolling razor and thus finding my blog. And if he is, well he’s still insecure about his purchase and needs to move on.
  • Finally, I suspect that the Rolling razor is not a US company, but they’re trying to get market penetration.

Before I further trash on the product, let me congratulate this group. From a marketing perspective they’ve hit it all. Sexy, sleek, crisp marketing. The guys who sold America on the “pet rock” would be proud. Watching the commercials as the one I’ve post here almost sells me. I kind of want to try one. But then again, for a while there I almost purchased the bowflex. I mean the guy on there looks buff.

In all, I still think the Rolling Razor is a piece of crap. I think it’s a waste of the minerals that were refined into the metals that make up the body of the tool. The very synthetics that make up the rubber that make this stubble remover as stable as Chuck Norris in a fist fight, scream to be released from such an inconsequential purpose in this life. So Mr. Taverna, if you do work for the Rolling Razor Rimshods, if you’ll score me a sample I’ll try it for a month. And if it works better than the razor I have now, I’ll post once a week on this blog and at least one other how much I love the Rolling Razor.

For now, I say to properly use this Rolling Razor, you should carefully place your finger through the hole and then proceed to poke yourself in the eye for buying it.


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