Schwarzenegger’s Scorched Earth Policy

Huh?  Wait, is that really my title for this blog posting, and what does that have to do with the fire in the background.  Well, Arnie recently decided that the girlie men in his state legislature were not cooperative enough on the budget such that he was forced to take action.  Now, the T1-3000 was in the shop and his sawed off shotgun in the NRA’s museum, so the only weapon in his arsenal was minimum wage and a slashing of temporary/seasonal employees.  Now to be fair, the state government seems to be careening towards a cash crisis like a semi out of control trying to kill John Connor.  So, this double barrel shotgun of a solution (I brought the shotgun back, now its my metaphor), Minimum Wage will be the only pay scale for all permanent employees within the California State Government.  The other barrel, is full of buck shot that will be blowing away the jobs of all seasonal/temporary employees.

Wildfires dotting the hillsides of California is not the status quo.  So when things are not quo (thanks Dr. Horrible), you need to call in something other than full time help.  What you might call temporary or seasonal help, the kind of firefighting assistance that would be cut currently under the Governor’s decree.  So, these poor, temporarily-under-the-employ-of-California firemen that have been risking their lives could possibly be asked to toss their fire-retardant jackets over their shoulders and walk off the fiery battlefield.  Meanwhile, their brothers in arms who have the great honor of being full-time employees of the state of California are left to fight these fires for minimum wage.

Be comforted, by that I mean all you State of California employees out there, the promise is that $1 billion dollars in savings a month will be generated by this temporary cut.  The promise is that restitution will be made for lost wages later  from the $1 billion saved.  Now, in all, California won’t be saved anything.  What’s really occurring is a $1 billion dollar loan from the employees of the State of California interest-free.  However, these very same employees can’t hope to get as good a deal when seeking a loan to pay off their smoked damaged homes.  Looks like the California shrubbery isn’t the only one getting burned.


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