Need a Job, take Bob’s

The Rambler

The Rambler

After watching as much of the Opening Ceremonies as I could stand and by that I mean when what little restraint I had left that kept me from throwing the remote at the TV after listening to Bob Costas yap constantly for an hour, I had an epiphany.  Somebody should take Bob Costas’ job because he sucks at it.  No seriously, he’s really, really bad.  His professional title on his resume should not be sports commentator, but something more akin to sports rambler.  Throughtout the olympics thus far, NBC has privledged us with short break away moments to Bob sitting behind some desk somewhere and gives us a run down of what we just watched. 

” Yes, we just saw Phelps break a world record.  It’s amazing, because that was a record that had never been broken.  In fact, ladies and gentlement, he hasn’t broken that record since he set it previously.  I hope we all realize that what we just saw was something record breaking.”

Thanks, Bob.  Never could I have pieced together what just happened as I watched it while Phelps, ears and all, went nuts over his success.  Really couldn’t have figured it out, when the announcers started screaming world record over and over.  The special green line that NBC superimposed over the screen to indicate where Michael Phelps was with relation to his previous world record just didn’t register with me.

Conclusion, Bob’s an idiot designed to fill time as NBC makes the switch from one Olympic Event to another.  Now I’ve got to give him credit, he’s got that announcer look and sound to him, and could probably place in a John Edwards look-a-like contest, but what’s his real value other than just forcing air across vocal cords.  My suggestion: we should get some of the athletes involved in the games to do the broadcasting.  It might be fun, to have some of the women from the women’s swim team announce Phelp’s victory and talk about the kind of dedication it takes to do what he does.  Get Diana Torres up there and let her talk about adversity and pressure in performing.  That would be kind of cool.  When the women’s gymanstics is up, let’s get one of the Hamm brothers in the booth and talk about how hard it is to go through a routine and remember each element while placing your feet on the right side of a white line while gyrating in the air.

America at this time more than other needs intelligent, informative commentary from TV more than ever.  While reality TV shows infect the airwaves and leave many a couch potato watching life instead of living it, we should have people that make us want to jump out of our seats and follow the examples of these athletes coming from around the world to compete.  We need something more than, uh, wow, that was like amazing.


One response to “Need a Job, take Bob’s

  1. Chris Terrell

    I must say after watching plenty of Olympics events, and hearing him state the extremely obvious I have come to this conclusion. He is the John Madden of the Olympics.

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