Politics and the Love Connection

Throughout history we have seen political figure after political figure go down aflame like the hindenburg due to illicit affair.  Politicians and Sports stars alike that hold not only our attention, but sometimes our respect have often disappointed their fanbase or constituents through their nocturnal habits.  Honestly, though, I don’t care.  That’s really none of my business.  This most recent revelation concerning John Edwards and his love triangle has little interest for me.  I mean, yes, it’s sad that we all  bought into the sweet story of his support for his wife with cancer and how he stuck by her.  Yes, it’s nice that he seemed to have these boyish good lucks and played the part of the all-american family man, but in the end ended up with a woman that was not only his wife, but also played the role of mistress for one of his campaign aids.   I mean, let’s think about this for a second.

Not many have taken the time to point out that last point, this woman in the short span of a year had an affair with two married men that work very closely together in very small circle of people.  Is this not just an reality tv show waiting to happen.  This whole thing truly smacks of stupid.

What further smacks of stupid, is the fact that any of us care at all.  Has Edwards ever been a serious candidate for the presidency.  Nope.  Have we ever really worried how his soundbytes play.  Nope.  So in truth, we just have another one of those let-downs in too-good-to-be-true relationships the likes of which call to mind Brad and Jennifer breaking up, Ben and Jennifer,  and Bill and Gennifer Flowers (Ok, never really a couple, but it kind of fits with the theme.).  In all, if people refuse to exercise good judgement or taste for that matter, that’s wholly their decision.  Don’t get upset about it, just don’t support them in their stupidity.  Don’t vote for Edwards, don’t buy Brad’s movies, and don’t hold celebritiah to a higher standard that we the general population can’t even adhere to ourselves.  Being stupid is just part of the human experience.


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