All I Have to Say Is “WOW!”

My boss did something so dumb today I am making a special trip to the blog to post about it. Now first some background information.

In my industry Floor work takes a lot of time and chemical. It gets very expensive very fast. It is time and labor intensive. So with that said I have to give a couple numbers to put all of this into perspective. A typical School classroom (about 400 sqf) takes about 1.5 hours with 3 people to strip down completely if you are REALLY good at it. That totals to 4.5 hours per room. I know a method that is centered around a particular piece of machinery that can bring this number down to 20 to 40 minutes and no chemical.

The piece of equipment basically is amazing, and the people that sell it don’t know that it can do it. It was made for something else, and I have been taught a method of using this machine to have a 70% plus reduction in labor. I was at a building talking to the supplier about this machine, and my boss pulls up. I had been put in charge of securing one of these machines and had just got all the specs, and I had put it all together to get one of them and not let the supplier know what I was going to use it for. Should the supplier find out about what I was really goign to do with it he would start to sell the heck out of these things to other companies. Thus giving them the knowledge and technology to do the same thing and cause my company to lose its competitive edge on them. So we kinda want to keep the method a big secret.

I told my boss this, and said that we really need to be careful about what we say to him, and that the sales rep does not know what we are going to do with it. he said ok, and then walks over to the rep and says, “We want two of them. We want to strip our floors with them.” He said the very thing we did not want him to know, and not only that he said it in plain English so there would be no confusion! My eyes got big, but I noticed that the sales guy didn’t pick up on it. Ok we are free and clear. I pulled my boss aside again and said the same thing again. “We need to keep this a secret.”

Well two minutes later we are in a classroom, my boss, the sales rep, the supervisor, and myself are in the room and my boss says. “With this new machine we are going to be able to do this classroom in 30 minutes!” He did not get away with it this time. The rep clearly heard it and then walked away to make a phone call. I had at this point already told my boss three times that we need to not say anything to this man, and I pulled him aside again and told him that was the very thing that we did not want him to hear. My boss understood me know as I could see in his face he realized that he made a big mistake.

So I don’t know if this seems as stupid to all of you as it does to me. But I could not help but see it here.


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