Argue on the Internet and Your Still Smacked Stupid

There is this phenomenon that is spreading throughout the world.  It is called the Internet, and on it people have the ability to be who ever they Choose.  You can see this point as illustrated by the comic shown

here.  So as you can see you just never know who you are talking to.  You just might be talking to a dog for all you know.  Yea that Cute girl that you think that you are talking to.  It is a big 38 year old hairy man.  Sorry that truly sucks.

But moving right along now, there is another phenomenon that plagues people all across the Internet.  Something that people just can’t seem let go of.  They can be who ever they want, and live another life on the Internet, and so they tend to engage in this sort of activity.  Or there are other people that just have such a big ego that they think that they need to engage in this activity.  The extremely moronic thing that people do on the Internet is ARGUE.  

Now I know that some of you may have done this from time to time.  If you have done so I am sorry if I should offend you but my opinion of what you did still stands.  It is kinda dumb to argue on the Internet.  I would like show you a couple of pics that illustrate this 


People just seem to think that they need to correct people because it will make the world a better place they they will help that person.  Well sad to say it just makes both of you look kinda stupid.  It doesn’t even matter who wins.

There is also another reason people argue on the Internet, and it is because they are just a hateful person.  That type of mentality is illustrated in the following comic on the left.



The other reason people argue on the Internet is portrayed in this last comic, and I think that is illustrates it so well that words are not needed to get the point across.

Ahh that just says so many things that I am going to just let you look at it and take from it what you will.  So Remember.  If you argue on the Internet, your still a moron even if you win.


One response to “Argue on the Internet and Your Still Smacked Stupid

  1. HAhahahahahahhahahaha! So funny.

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